Casino Arizona a “Best Place to Work”

Casino Arizona was recently named a “Best place to work” by the Best in Biz Awards.  The Best in Biz Awards judges represented 19 different Countries and came from professions like the financial industry, technology sector and the business world.

More than 250 companies from 30 different Countries submitted applications to be judged this year.  Applicants had to show employee satisfaction and  a collection of employee well-being programs such as mentoring, flexible work arrangements, financial and lifestyle perks among other criteria. The applicants were then given scores by the 26 judges and scores were tallied for all 250+ companies.

Casino Arizona has been an innovator in the gaming industry since it opened in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1998.   Casino Arizona is proud to offer its several employee recognition programs as well as what they call the  “Pathways to Success Program”.  This program is an apprenticeship program and assists enrolled Tribal Members in finding the best career path for their interests and skills.