Blackjack Dealer School

ABC Casino College is the top Blackjack dealer school in Arizona.  The Blackjack dealing course is a 60 hour course that will teach you everything you need to know about dealing Blackjack in a casino.  Our casino quality tables feature some of the most popular side bets found in local casinos and we use cards, dealing shoes, chips and other equipment just like you will find in every Blackjack Pit.  You won’t find another Blackjack training school with all the world products and experienced teachers we have.

Courses are taught Monday – Thursday and times can be customized to your needs.  Regular course hours are from 12pm – 4:00pm or 6pm-10:00pm to accommodate different schedules.  The school itself is open Monday – Thursday from 10am – 10pm and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 5pm .  These expanded times allow our students to come in a practice on their schedule and before classes scheduled start.

We also offer fast track classes for those that have current jobs that would limit their time at the school or for those that are traveling a long distance to get to the school.  This option uses longer days to finish your training in a shorter time.

For our out of State students, hotel and class packages are available for the Blackjack dealer school.  Contact us for details on this excellent way to get affordable training for a State that does provide the quality education we provide.

ABC Casino College is the Blackjack dealer school all the casinos come to when they are in need of additional, well trained dealer.


The 60 hour Blackjack course is on sale right now for $899.00! ABC Casino College


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