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[h2]ABC Casino School graduates had a great month in May![/h2]  From Casino Arizona to Harrah’s Ak-Chin to Bucky’s and beyond, our students are finding great jobs in casinos across the state.  Early on in the month, 4 of our graduates were offered positions and hired on with Bucky’s Casino in beautiful Prescott, Arizona.  Since then 8 more graduates have found their first jobs or have found their “next” job and have moved on to new challenges at different casinos.

The casino industry is full of opportunities both here and in Arizona as well as across the United States.  In the last month, ABC Casino College has had students from California, Missouri, and Texas.  All of them choosing us over their in-state schooling options to pursue the highest level of professional casino dealer training they could find. They found it here with us at ABC Casino College.  With only a few short weeks of training, you too can be one of our graduates getting hired in this exciting industry.  Call or stop by the school for more information on how to get hired as a casino dealer!!

You can also check out our new Facebook page at .  Students and former students are just starting to leave reviews and feedback about their experience.  Like the page and follow along as we continue to be the leader in the Southwest for dealer training.

Bucky’s Casino Hired 4 more graduates

Bucky’s Casino hired 4 more more graduates yesterday.  Of the 5 dealers hired, 4 came from ABC Casino College.  There is a difference in where you go and what you learn!

With our years of casino experience, we know what to train and what the interviewers want you to know.  Your casino audition will be easy because we will audition you first using the same game types and rules you’ll be seeing at the casino.  Only when you are ready to pass a real casino audition will you be certified in your selected course.

You can’t go wrong with certificates from ABC Casino College!

11 dealers hired !

Wow! ABC Casino College had 11 dealers hired in April to local casinos.  Fort McDowell in Scottsdale, Bucky’s Casino in Prescott and Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff grabbed our graduates before the others could.  Each of these locations send their table games management to our school to talk to and watch our students in action.  They know that in order to get the best students they have to come to ABC Casino College and get our graduates before the other casinos do.

You can be next to start earning $15 – $25 an hour doing something fun and exciting!  With 11 dealers hired in April we are setting our goal for even more in May.  Not only do the casinos love our graduates, our graduates love their work.  99% of our graduates enjoy their new career and stick with it.  We even have Pit Bosses, Shift Mangers and a Table Games Director that graduated from ABC Casino College before starting their new career.

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.  Almost every State in the Country offers casino gambling.  Get your certification  at ABC Casino College and be one of the next 11 dealers hired in Arizona or your choice of locations.  Tribal casinos, Las Vegas and New Jersey casinos and even cruise ships are in need of quality dealers.  Take control of your future and begin the short journey on your path to excitement.