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ABC Casino College Dealer Interview

I recently talked to a dealer at one of the casinos located in Arizona and asked him how he liked what he was doing.  He said he was really enjoying dealing and that he was on pace to make about $75,000 this year.  And to go along with this very nice income, he has Thursday and Friday nights off.  So with a Saturday through Wednesday schedule, working Swing Shift, he’s going to make $75,000 this year.  Not bad!

Now this gentleman is very personable, has a good sense of humor, is friendly and works at a casino where the dealers keep their own tips, but it just shows you what can be done with some good experience under your belt and a really good personality.  The sky is the limit when you enjoy what you do and strive to be the best.

So how do you get to this point you might ask?  It’s not that difficult.  Training at ABC Casino College is the start.  At ABC Casino College you will learn the proper way to deal in a casino, which will allow you to start your career with confidence.  Will you make $75,000 your first year?  Probably not.  But after a year or two it’s definitely not out of the question.  Table Games departments want quality dealers on their Swing Shifts.  If you can deal a good game, provide good customer service and keep the players in their seats and having a good time, you can deal just about anywhere you want.

Dealers fresh out of school with ABC Casino College make between $15-$25 per hour.  After a little bit of experience, casinos like Harrah’s, Casino Arizona and Wild Horse will want your services.  Add to that list the new casino being built in Glendale, the new Casino being built in Prescott and large casinos in Flagstaff and Tucson and that’s a lot of choices just in Arizona.  If you look on the right hand side of this site you’ll also find listings of casinos looking for dealers from across the Country.  Good dealers are a hot commodity and it all starts at ABC Casino College!

USA Today highlights Gaming Manager as top job

In an August 2014 article in the USA Today, Gaming Manager was listed as the #6 best job to get into if you do not have a college degree, with a median annual income of $66,200.  This #6 positing is out of every possible job in the U.S. that does not require a college degree.

And how do you get into this top 10 job?  ABC Casino College will train you to become a high level Casino Dealer.  Over 90% of Table Games and Poker Room Gaming Manager positions go to someone who started their career as a dealer.  Once you’ve learned all the ins and outs of dealing at your first casino you can then progress up the ladder.  Table Games Departments usually offer a progression from Dealer to Dual-Rate Pit Boss, Full-Time Pit Boss, Dual-Rate Shift Manager and Shift Manager.  These positions are almost exclusively hired from within to ambitious current Table Games Department employees.

An example of this is right here in Arizona.  The current Table Games Manager at Bucky’s Casino in Prescott, Arizona started his Casino career right here at ABC Casino College.  With no previous casino experience he attended in 2006.  After graduating from Blackjack and Poker courses he went on to deal at Bucky’s Casino.  From there he moved up the ladder and only 5 years later was hired as the Table Games Manager.

We also have other levels of Management that have graduated from ABC Casino College all over the Country.  Now is the time to start your journey to a new career that not only pays well but is fun and exciting.  With two new Casinos being built in Arizona over the next couple of years, starting your schooling right now will put you in a great position to work your way into management if that is your goal.

ABC Casino College’s education value

Did you know that an education from ABC Casino College is an amazing educational value?   As a licensed Post Secondary Education Provider by the State of Arizona, ABC Casino College provides the education you need to succeed in your career.  ABC Casino Colleges education is not only affordable, but it then translates into a good immediate income.

See the below chart for a comparison of ABC Casino College versus just a High School education and College educations in 2014.

Education Ave Cost Average Income
High School Free $34736
Some College ? $28532
AA Degree $22328 $41184
4 Year Degree $35074 $57252
ABC Casino College $1858 $43680

As you can see, an $1,858 education goes a long way at ABC Casino College.    If you account for the expense of  education and subtract if from the average income for both a 4 year college and ABC Casino College, it takes almost 3 additional years after graduation, or almost 7 years total if you include school time,  to break even with net cost of an ABC Casino College education.

With Casinos in almost every State in the U.S., your education will not only allow you excellent income potential, but also the potential to live almost anywhere you want.  Don’t want to live in the heat of the Phoenix area but still want to live in Arizona?  How about Prescott or Flagstaff.  Want to escape Arizona completely but still live on the West Coast?  How about California or Oregon.  Want to get back near family farther East?  Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan,Pennsylvania, Florida and more.

Give us a call or stop by to discuss your options.  Day and night classes are available as well as Saturdays for those that currently have a job.  We also offer fast track classes if you are in between jobs, that will allow you to finish quicker by attending for longer days.  Do you work part time or a changing schedule somewhere?  No problem, your schedule can be flexible, attending classes based on your needs and availability.

Start on your path to a fun and financially rewarding career as a casino dealer!