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Bring a friend for a discount

Thinking about starting on the path to your new casino dealer career?  Try our Bring a friend for a discount program and you both get a reduced fee for courses.  Just sign up at the same time and we’ll reduce your fees and help you on your path to being a casino dealer.

When two people sign up at the same time you will get:

  • 10% off our already low price for each person for any one course.
  • An additional 5% off per person off the already reduced package prices for two or three classes.

Most casinos require both blackjack and carnival games to be able to deal in the blackjack pit.  Some casinos prefer blackjack, carnival games and poker knowledge since their dealers deal both in the pit and in poker and since many games in the pit are now poker based.

Now is the time to get your training and bring a friend for a discount for one of the fastest growing careers in the Country.  41 States have casinos and many just like Arizona are expanding into new areas and larger properties.

Let ABC Casino College prepare you for your next career and know that we are a State licensed post secondary education provider and rated A+ by the Arizona BBB.  With flexible class schedules, fast track scheduling, day and night sessions and weekend hours available there’s always time to make your financial dreams a reality.