ABC Casino College’s education value

Did you know that an education from ABC Casino College is an amazing educational value?   As a licensed Post Secondary Education Provider by the State of Arizona, ABC Casino College provides the education you need to succeed in your career.  ABC Casino Colleges education is not only affordable, but it then translates into a good immediate income.

See the below chart for a comparison of ABC Casino College versus just a High School education and College educations in 2014.

Education Ave Cost Average Income
High School Free $34736
Some College ? $28532
AA Degree $22328 $41184
4 Year Degree $35074 $57252
ABC Casino College $1858 $43680

As you can see, an $1,858 education goes a long way at ABC Casino College.    If you account for the expense of  education and subtract if from the average income for both a 4 year college and ABC Casino College, it takes almost 3 additional years after graduation, or almost 7 years total if you include school time,  to break even with net cost of an ABC Casino College education.

With Casinos in almost every State in the U.S., your education will not only allow you excellent income potential, but also the potential to live almost anywhere you want.  Don’t want to live in the heat of the Phoenix area but still want to live in Arizona?  How about Prescott or Flagstaff.  Want to escape Arizona completely but still live on the West Coast?  How about California or Oregon.  Want to get back near family farther East?  Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan,Pennsylvania, Florida and more.

Give us a call or stop by to discuss your options.  Day and night classes are available as well as Saturdays for those that currently have a job.  We also offer fast track classes if you are in between jobs, that will allow you to finish quicker by attending for longer days.  Do you work part time or a changing schedule somewhere?  No problem, your schedule can be flexible, attending classes based on your needs and availability.

Start on your path to a fun and financially rewarding career as a casino dealer!