Vacation Packages

ABC Casino College offers vacation packages offering short intensive courses for students from out of the area. This accelerated program allows out of town students to complete the coursework and get certified in the most efficient time-frame possible.  Instruction and practice time is offered daily with approximately 8 hours a day of class time. We have had students from all over the United States, and even from out of the country, successfully complete their certification during their stay.

We do require prior contact and information to set up these packages, so please fill out our contact form, contact us through Facebook or call for more details.

Students are responsible for booking their own lodging and transportation.


$1299 for Blackjack Class  (10 days and 9 nights)

$1299 for Poker Class (10 days and 9 nights)

$1798 for Blackjack  and Carnival Games Classes (12 days and 11 nights)

These prices are less than some casino schools charge to students that live in the same area as the school.  ABC Casino College is one of the top schools in the Country and is licensed by the State of Arizona as a Post Secondary Education Provider.  With thousands of graduates over the last 10+ years, you will be getting the best possible training for a great price and be on your way to dealing at your local casino.